The Team - What Matters?
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The Team


Dan Parris


Dan Parris, owner of Speak Up Productions LLC, is the filmmaker/activist/goofball whose lingering questions after returning from Africa serve as the fuel for the film What Matters?, Dan has a B.A. in Film Production from Biola University and is currently pursuing the dream he has had for nearly a decade, to make feature films that will have ground-breaking impact in the world.


Rob Lehr

Assistant Producer/Subject

Rob Lehr is an offensive, yet delightful filmmaker and friend whose passions include hunting, poetry, and sharing his views no matter how you may feel about them. He has a degree in Business from Missouri State University, and currently resides in Springfield, MO. Rob’s ability to be open and raw as the skeptic of the journey provides much of the drama and comedic relief of the film.


David Peterka

Assistant Producer/Subject

David Peterka is an experienced activist and traveler with unbreakable optimism. He has his degree in Intercultural and Urban Missions and is developing his own non-profit, “When the Saints”, whose goal is defending, rescuing and maintaining the rights of the weak, poor and oppressed, focusing on victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking in Malawi.


Tim Peterka


Tim Peterka can’t remember how many times he almost died. Our cameraman and a career student who has traveled extensively and worked a variety of photography jobs including one as professional aerial photographer. Like Rob, he grew up in the church, but fell away in high school and is now an agnostic atheist. His travel knowledge will be put to the test in Africa. Oh, and he also boils a great pot of rice.


Tony Mungai

Translator/Guide/Health Worker

Tony Mungai unknowingly played a key part in the What Matters? story from the very beginning, serving as a guide during Dan’s first visit to the Kibera slum. Their conversations heavily impacted Dan’s perception of extreme poverty, and in turn, helped mold his life’s dream to irradicate it. With a diploma in Community Health and Management of HIV/AIDS, he recently embarked on his dream by starting the MTAANI VCT Center. The center offers desparately needed HIV/AIDS testing and counseling services in the Kibera area and provides referrals for medication, health care treatment, and specialized counseling for clients living with HIV/AIDS.


Ian Perry


Ian is a freelance composer in the L.A. area, writing for both film and the concert stage. He graduated from Biola University with his bachelor’s in composition, and having worked extensively with the film students there, continues to make scores for short films and various projects. Ian likes electronic music, John Cage, good avocados, and large amounts of sleep. He also thinks it’s a great idea for everyone to try writing something at some point, because music, no matter who it’s made by, is full of joy and fun.

Official Selection - PovertyCure International Short Film Festival 2013 Official Selection - United Film Festival 2013 Visionary Award - Awareness Film Festival 2012 Official Selection - LES Film Festival 2011 Best Documentary - Cinema St. Louis Fimmaker's Showcase 2011 Official Selection - Heartland Film Festival 2011 Official Selection - St. Louis International Film Festival 2011 Official Selection - Africa World Documentary Film Festival 2011 Official Selection - Omaha Film Festival 2011